British Manufacturing

Louvolite invests heavily in its state of the art manufacturing depots in Britain. This enables the company develop and launch new products quickly to market and to keep costs to a minimum.

Louvolite’s engineering division uses state of the art CAD equipment and in-house rapid prototyping facilities to fine tune the designs for component performance and part manufacture. Only high quality prime grade thermoplastic engineering materials are used in the manufacture of Louvolite component parts.

All raw materials are also subjected to rigorous tests and examinations prior to being selected for use in the manufacture of Louvolite products. Injection moulding tools used in the production of Louvolite component parts are all designed in-house.

Similarly, the yarns and textiles selected for use in the manufacture of Louvolite fabrics conform to the highest standards to ensure that our fabrics perform to the highest levels. Our fabrics division performs extensive testing before allowing new ranges to come to market.

Louvolite is a British company proud to be manufacturing in Britain.